Micael Ferreira Galvão - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion

Fighters Choice - Micael Ferreira Galvão Fighting Image


It's an immense pleasure to be working with Fighters Choice at my age. By collaborating with other professional athletes, I’ve come to understand how the brand understands the needs of BJJ warrior. Fighters Choice supplements have helped me build and recover faster during fights and training.

I know that my input will help promote Fighters Choice products suited to the unique needs of the Jiu Jitsu Athlete. I arrived where I always dreamed of and where everything begins. I thank everyone who was and still are by my side on this journey, without you guys none of this would be possible.

I received my Jiu-Jitsu black belt at 17 years of age. I have a responsibility to give nothing less than my best to represent the sport, Fighters Choice, and continue setting a good example in any way I can for the future BJJ generations to come. God bless you all.


  • 1 x IBJJF Brown Belt Pan Championship NOGI
  • 1 x AJP Brown Belt World Pro
  • 1 x AJP Brown Belt World Pro Qualifier BR
  • 1 x AJP Brown Belt Grand Slam, AD
  • 1 x AJP Purple Belt Grand Slam, AD