Pedro Marinho - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion

Fighters Choice | Image of Pedro Marinho BJJ Champion


I am delighted to be a part of the Fighters Choice team. As a BJJ fighter, I want to help other athletes become successful by guiding them in the right direction and Fighters Choice products are designed to boost athlete performance on or off the mat.

Personally, my goal is to become the World Champion and win the ADCC. I want to reach the highest level in this sport, both with the gi and no gi. That is my main objective, keeping in mind that games are not just about winning but also entertainment. I want to be the athlete everyone tunes in to watch fight.

I believe that when you are paid to compete, you are compensated to put on a show that the audience enjoys, not to stay anchored down to your opponent or fighting cautiously just to get the W. This is why I feel that if I am entertaining, win or lose, I will be called back because I entertain while fighting and leave everything on the mat.


  • Brown belt champion  
  • Jitz King 185 lbs Tournament 
  • 1x IBJJF Purple Belt World Champion  
  • 1x IBJJF Brown Belt World Champion 
  • 1 x IBJJF Brown Belt Pan Championship 
  • 2 x CBJJ Purple Belt Brazilian Nationals 
  • 1 x CBJJ Blue Belt Brazilian Nationals