F2W 174 - Who is fighting, betting odds and how to watch?

F2W 174 - Who is fighting, betting odds and how to watch?

F2W 174 - Who is fighting, betting odds, and how to watch?

Fight 2 Win is returning to Atlanta for F2W 174 following last week's F2W 173, which saw Kendall Reusing submit Talita Nogueira in the co-main event.

For this evening's main event, Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa and Aaron "Tex" Johnson will be taking the stage.

The first of Johnson's two F2W matches this year was against Arnaldo Maidana at F2W 161, followed by a loss against Max Gimenis at F2W 163. Barbosa, meanwhile, hasn't competed in F2W since 2020, when he had two consecutive victories - one over Roberto Jimenez and another over Rafael Lovato. The athletes have a long list of accomplishments between them, but this is the first time they will face each other.

Raquel Pa'aluhi Canuto will face Amanda "Tubby" Alequin in the co-main event. Canuto, a 2017 No-Gi World Champion, was impressive at SUG 23, performing well against Gillian Robertson. Last year, she defeated Gabi McComb with a rear naked choke in a superfight at Kasai Pro 7. She will still have her hands full with Alequin, who is the promotion's first female two-division champion. Alequin won the 135 lb no-gi title at F2W 162 by a ref's decision over Nathalie Ribeiro. Earlier this year, at F2W 171, she defeated Gabi McComb in a no-gi flyweight title match, winning the bout and the belt by split decision.

Richar Nogueira enters the fray in the third major match of the night following his triangle choke victory at F2W 173. Prior to Alequin vs. Canuto, Noguiera will face 2021 No-Gi Pans bronze medalist Orlando Castillo hailing from Fight Sports in Miami. 

You will find plenty of great jiu-jitsu entertainment throughout the night, not just the main card match.

The F2W 174 event will be streamed live on FloGrappling on Friday, June 18.

A full rundown of the schedule and betting odds is available below.

530pm Lainie Cassel +145 vs Darby Jones -250
537pm Veni Khamphavanh +130 vs Jesse Dempsey -185
544pm Javier Macias -150 vs Trevor Neumann +100
551pm Chris Harris -250 vs Kyu Lee +145
558pm Devon Graham -185 vs Whitt Ramey +130
605pm Brady Hylton +100 vs Brenden Boyd -150
612pm Joshua Rogers +100 vs Travis Knight -150
619pm Joe Hulen +130 vs Kevin Sherrill -185
626pm Tyler Vermilya -250 vs Levi Keyser +145
633pm Christian Davis -250 vs Isaac Dunton +145
640pm Lee Alarcon +145 vs Mustafa Sadiq -250
648pm Samuel Acord -150 vs Max Stiers +100
656pm Saulo Dos Santos -400 vs Grant Roszkowiak +200
704pm Christopher Robare +130 vs Simon Lane Davis -185
712pm Andre Cunha -185 vs Jason Gibson +130
720pm Kegan Hamilton +130 vs Carson Streicher -185
728pm Isabella Souza -300 vs Megan Bader +175
736pm Wade King -185 vs Joshua Lorton +130
744pm Daniel Smith -250 vs Benjamin Endo +145
752pm Mansa Musa Conteh -150 vs Peter New +100
759pm Faye Lynn Cherrier -250 vs Julia Balmante +145
807pm Foster Kennedy +200 vs Thalys Pontes -400
815pm Stephanie Williamson +200 vs Stefanie Kopacz -400
823pm Chris Haraszti -185 vs Breck Still +130
831pm Alex Enriquez -125 vs Fabiana Jorge -125
840pm André Porfirio -500 vs Sean McCleary +250
849pm Eric Alequin -300 vs Steele McCall +175
858pm Richar Nogueira -300 vs Orlando Castillo +175
908pm Tubby Alequin -150 vs Raquel Canuto +100
918pm Tex Johnson +160 vs Lucas Barbosa -275
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