Our Story



Viktor Doria and Bill Gerhauser were introduced by Vagner Rocha in the summer of 2019, Bill had trained 4 years of jiu jitsu prior to that in Tampa, but suffered a serious neck injury that required immediate surgery and a lengthy recovery period. Both before and during the recovery from neck injury, Bill had learned about and experienced  the positive benefits of high quality supplements. After much discussion about injury, the benefits of supplements, and a lot of encouragement from high level athletes that had suffered similar injuries, Bill decided to get back on the mats,  also Viktor told Bill that they couldn’t do business together until they had rolled together!  

Shortly after that first roll, Fighters Choice the company was formed and the brand was officially launched at ADCC 2019.

Bill started actively competing in IBJJF tournaments in late 2020 fueled by Fighters Choice products. 

Viktor Doria began training jiu-jitsu in Rio de Janeiro in 1993. There, he began learning the gentle art under Grand Master Carlson Gracie and quickly developed a passion for the sport. Doria became a World Champion in the first BJJ World Championship in 1996 while still a blue belt. Three years later, in 1999, Master Carlson awarded him his black belt.

After finishing a bachelor's degree in Marketing, Doria pursued a degree in Physical Education to become a strength and conditioning trainer. During this time, he discovered the importance of working with sports supplements to maximize, achieve, and accelerate training goals. He immersed himself in the industry, studying sports nutrition and reading everything he could get his hands on to learn about the supplement market: formulation, chemistry, and which ingredients worked better than others for high-performance fighters. As a result, Viktor discovered that not all supplements were well suited for high-performance fighters. That's when he realized that he could develop supplements for fighters by fighters.

In 2014, Doria moved to the United States and began developing his own sports supplement brand, effectively combining his love for jiu-jitsu and supplement manufacturing. He describes the products as the perfect combination of exceptional flavor and high efficacy. However, he felt that the bodybuilding/fitness supplement industry neglected jiu-jitsu and other high-performance martial arts fighters and their sports supplement needs. 

Doria then brought the knowledge he had gathered in his 20 years of experience and 26 years of training to the fighting community, and in 2019 launched Fighters Choice. With this brand, he wanted to "give the sport, the science, passion, and professionalism that it deserves. Developed by fighters for fighters."

"I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and now we are fueling fighters' performance on and off the mats with the highest quality supplements, born on the mats, developed by fighters for fighters," concludes Viktor Doria.