FG MGMT & Fight Sports Announce Partnership with Mica Galvao & Diogo Reis

FG MGMT & Fight Sports Announce Partnership with Mica Galvao & Diogo Reis

BREAKING NEWS - FG MGMT & Fight Sports Announce Partnership with Mica Galvao & Diogo Reis

On WEDNESDAY 09th of June 2021 Fighters Choice Management on behalf of Fighters Choice Holdings announced an exciting new partnership with star athletes Diogo Reis and Mica Galvao. FC Mgmt’s President Viktor Doria and Fight Sports’ Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu led the press conference with Mica, Diogo and Mica’s father Melqui.

They announced that from the 12th of June, Fight Sports would be partnering with Melqui Galvao’s project in Brazil and providing an exchange program for stellar athletes to travel between their HQ in Miami and their location in Manaus.

Fighters Choice Management will be facilitating this relationship and representing all the athletes involved at a professional level. As described by Viktor Doria these services include but are not limited “to providing high level legal contracts, accounting services, immigration services and support in maximizing earnings potential through sponsorships, super fights and instructional videos.”

Mica and Diogo excitingly unveiled their new Fight Sport’s and Fighters Choice rash guards in the style of a soccer team making a key signing. They will be representing Cyborg’s Fight Sports team going forward in competitions and will be announcing new apparel sponsorships once their existing contracts expire mid June.

The two boys are making headways in the sport, Mica has recently beaten Andrew Tackett on Flo Grappling’s WNO event and will look to face Oliver Taza at the next Who’s Number One on June 18th. Diogo has his sites set on facing Joao Mendes on the same weekend at EUG and his success there will secure him a place on their 145 lb. grand prix this August.

This is an exciting time for the sport of jiu jitsu as Fighters Choice Management looks to give these extraordinary up and coming athletes the professional representation that they desire to secure their already bright futures. More details on Melqui Galvao’s project in Manaus and key athlete signings will be announced in the weeks to come.


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