Fighters Choice PRE supplement, the best pre workout supplement for BJJ fighters and athletes
Supplement facts information for Fighters Choice PRE, the best pre workout supplement for BJJ fighters and athletes
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PRE - Pre Workout ( 30 Servings )

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Mild Stimulation / High Pump Pre-Workout Supplement 

The PRE Workout Supplement is designed to give fighters an edge over competitors. It improves endurance and gives a clean boost of energy without that overwhelming jittery feeling. Suitable for both men and women. 

PRE Workout Supplement INGREDIENTS 

  • 400mg of combined caffeine blend
  • 2g L-Citrulline
  • 1.5g Beta-Alanine
  • Theobromine and Alpha GPC for intense focus
  • Delicious Cotton Candy flavor

PRE is manufactured in a cGMP / FDA-registered facility in the USA that follows the best manufacturing and Quality Management practices in the supplement industry. 

Suggested Use:  Add 1 scoop of the supplement with 4-6 oz of liquid (water or juice). Drink this mixture daily before training or as directed by a practitioner. 

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Customer Reviews

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Bryan F
Good pre workout (a little bitter)

Great as a pre workout. I don’t feel jittery etc. I think the taste is really good but there’s definitely some bitterness that makes it hard (for me) to drink. I’ve been playing with amount of water and temperature of water to see if anything helps. Colder water and less of it seems to help me drink it without as much bitterness. Other than that, works great!